Missi Clothing -Specialized & Focused Wholesale Women’s Clothing & Dressing On-line Distributor.

Women consumer fashion is a highly competitive, challenging but very profitable industry, only if you have the right ties. It is an insanely complicated and muddled operating environment surrounding with complex brand development and distribution processes. To give you a gist of the matter, the industry is split into two broad segments, retailer, and wholesaler. Wholesaler focuses on designing, manufacturing, distribution and delivering great apparel products to the marketplace that interest their target demographic. Retailers concentrate on optimizing their brand collection, inventory quantities, and maximizes product/market fit for their retail location or property.


If you are contemplating starting your female clothing retail business, but you are still not quite decided with which company to tie up for wholesale women’s clothing & dressing. Then look no further, Missi Clothing is your one-stop complete answer to all your requirements. Most clothing retailers across the world prefer to use wholesale dresses & clothing by Missi Clothing because their product is of superior quality and offers high-profit margin. In addition to this, Missi follows ethical business policy and client-centric approach to ensure that their client is served in the best possible manner.

Missi Clothing has attained an unmatched position in the wholesale women’s clothing sector by offering both quality & quantity. All their apparel products are designed by the top-most designers in the field, who regularly update their fashion line according to the prevailing trends. Owing to this all, trendy clothing options, quality production, designer clothes, good-quality packing material, Missi Clothing has become the most trusted women’s clothing wholesaler among all its competitors.